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Top 8 Pro Affiliate Marketing Tips for Website Owners

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Obviously, you’ve heard and read different blogs about affiliate marketing. Well, everything you’ve read or heard may be true, but here are surefire tips to become a successful affiliate marketer using your existing website – pro affiliate marketing tips for website owners.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing simply means to affiliate with a business, company, or advertiser to help upsell a product or service and get commissions in return for your effort. It is one of the most lucrative online business of the moment.

According to my friend, Zamani, “affiliate marketing is simply getting “commissions” for selling someone else product.” Many people have become millionaires and even billionaires from affiliate marketing endeavors.

There are ways different ways to engage in affiliate marketing, and there are various platforms you can join to get the most of it. Many companies now offer affiliate programs, with Amazon taking the lead as the most popular one.

I’m not here to write a note, let’s get to the main reason for this article.

How to excel as an affiliate marketer

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“Every potential big shot always seems impossible at the beginning;” here’s what I mean by that quote. Anything that is going to turn you to a great/influential/successful person will always look difficult or even impossible at the start.

Thus, these handy tips are to boost your morale and guide you towards becoming a big shot in affiliate marketing. However, before continuing, one of the problems newbies face is deciding which affiliate program to engage with.

Well, there are quite a lot of affiliate programs out there, but I’ll advise you to sign up with affiliate networks like ShareASale, ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, and the likes, to get the best.

Quick Note:

You must not have a niche website to excel as an affiliate marketer. Your existing website/blog is good to start with, since you’ve got some loyal visitors and a good audience.

8 Pro Affiliate Marketing Tips for Website Owners

1. Carefully choose your promotions

You don’t have to promote any product out there because the owner is offering an affiliate program. You have to scout for useful products, most notably, products that have a high number of every day searches on the internet.

That said, you need to know about some SEO tips to discover products to promote. You can start by promoting inexpensive products; your visitors can easily decide to start buying those low-cost services/products you’re promoting, and that’s how it starts.

2. Utilize your audience

Take time to study your audience; what they like and the ages of people that visit your website. If your site is visited by mostly teenagers, then you should tailor the products you advertise to things a teenager can purchase; maybe fashion wears, smartphones, and game consoles are what you should consider. Advertising a blood pressure machine to a teenage audience won’t bring any sales.

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3. Write clear reviews

Use reviews to explain in detail, the PROs, CONs, and importance of the product you’re advertising. You can write a review for a product/service, then add your affiliate links using relevant anchor texts. However, you should be smart while writing the reviews and know where to add your links.

4. Patience is a virtue

It can take a very long time before you make your first sale. This is because it is not so easy to convince someone to pay for a product or service, especially when he/she has had bad experiences in the past.

Also, you should know that affiliate marketing isn’t a get rich quick program; you need to exercise patience. Once you make your first sale, gradually, more successful sales will come; don’t appear desperate when advertising an affiliate service or product.

5. Know the right time to act

Some products and services are seasonal; if you’re promoting a Christmas-related product or service when it’s not Christmas period yet, then you’re making a big mistake. The right time is always the key to getting a step closer to making money through affiliate marketing as an advertiser.

6. Build trust

If you’re just starting up a website, and it is not a niche website, you should try to write relevant topics and provide handy information to people that read your blog daily. By so doing, you will gain the trust of your visitors, and then you can start introducing affiliate services and products.

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Let’s see a practical example here:

There’s a phone repair shop at the end of the street, and the owner of this shop really knows what he’s doing. People in the neighborhood already know this guy, and he’s making a lot of money every day.

You wish to open a phone repair shop in that area, how will gain people’s trust? Here’s a trick that works for me; I’ll suggest you start by selling phone accessories and components for repairing mobile phones.

When people know that you sell original phone accessories and equipment, they’ll start coming to your shop. Now, after some time, you can begin providing phone repair services. Since people know that your services are legit and reliable, they wouldn’t mind bringing their phones to you to fix; plus, you also sell the accessories for phone repair, so, they would trust you on this.

Now, that’s how affiliate marketing works for a website owner. When you steadily provide your visitors with handy information and blogs, they can easily follow your recommendation to buy a product or service in regards to the information you typically provide on the website.

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7. Promotions can still help

Promotions and running adverts on other platforms will help to draw more people to know about the product you’re dragging more sales to. You can leverage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms to promote the product or article which has your affiliate links inside.

These promotions will drag more visitors to your website and possibly increase sales for the product you’re advertising. Literally, you should know that the more traffic to your website, the more people to view the products you’re promoting, and the more sales you will get.

8. Giveaways and discounts

I understand that you’re trying to make money for yourself, but even at that, you can offer discounts and possibly giveaways. This practice has a way of drawing more people to your website and build their trust in the services you offer on the site. Business is not always all about profit; sometimes, you have to make critical sacrifices to gain your customers’/audience trust.

Wrap up

Well, these are my suggestions and what worked for me. Also, some of my friends that I’ve mentored on affiliate marketing attested to these tips.

Originally posted on March 20, 2020 @ 4:51 pm

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