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Top 5 Best Animation Tools for Everyone

Animation is a huge part of graphics designing that cannot be belittled, especially in this current era when it is a sort after service. Knowing the art of animation or short video creations will make you a demanding person of various industries. Of no doubt, Animation creators earn big these days, even much more than other people practicing other aspects of graphics designing. Nevertheless, you need to work with the best animation tools to achieve great success in this field.

Most people believe that mere video animations will eventually lead to a breakthrough in the business. Well, it may actually lead to that but you must make use of some professional tools to achieve such a dream. Becoming an animator is quite good, but on the other hand, it is important to know the key point; an animator works well only when he/she possesses a stupendously creative mind to bring the art into reality.

Why We Use Animation?

It is confusing for some people why we use animation when the work can be obviously done in many other ways. Some people say is it because of the cartoon characters which entertains almost everyone watching it. But, in a way, there is not an exact need for animation, for example having a business video animation. It is just a new way to present your message in an interesting visual format; animations are proven the most effective way to grab the attention of anyone, irrespective of the age.

Common Types of Animation

Likely, there are several lots of types of video animations and each of them has a unique purpose to serve. They are mostly used by digital marketers to advertise various products or businesses. However, animations can equally be used by anyone and not only digital marketers.

Some common types of video animations include;

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Explainer Video
  • Motion Graphics
  • Typography
  • Whiteboard Video Animations
  • GIF Animated Logos

2D Animation

This is an old kind of animation which makes use of two-dimensional axis or two coordinates. Most of the early cartoons presentations were developed  2D animation. It is not outdated per se, but, since there are other effective animation types, this style of animation is no longer on trend.

3D Animation

3D animation is a new drift that shut-off 2D animation techniques; it is the favorite of many graphic designers at the moment. Most of the anime pictures or videos we see these days are products of three coordinates animation to give it a real-life look. 3D animation has more depth in it that provides a very realistic feel to the audience.

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Explainer Video

Explainer videos are best to use for conveying a particular type of knowledge to the viewers. It is frequently used by the people to deliver the presentations to make the audience grab the concepts without losing their interests.


This is a textual representation in animations format; it plays a vital role in conveying the right message to the audience. The fonts, the colors, the style, everything speaks the nature of the information that the presentation or the video is trying to deliver.

Whiteboard Video Animations

Here is another booming type of animation. The outcome is usually amusing yet very creative. This kind of the video animation typically consists of a white background, black drawings, and hand that keeps sketching the scenes and figures in the video animation.

GIF Animated Logos

One of the unique uses of video animation is to create anime logos for organizations, businesses, or services. These logos are very mesmerizing to look at; they keep moving in a loop which gives the effects of the GIF image type.

The 5 Best Animation Tools for Everyone

It is certain that all forms of animations sound so fascinating, but, it can only give a spellbinding look if it is done using the right tool. Therefore, here are 5 Best Animation Tools for Everyone to use.


Vcasmo Animation

This is the most common and mostly used professional tool for creating video animations. You can use this to structure the highest quality video animations for corporate firms and business level presentations. You can combine the HD images, videos, and also the sound clips to create the finest presentations.



For students who wish to create highly attractive, eye-catching video animations, the best tool to use is the GoAnimate. It is also the favorite of some professionals anyway to develop high-quality anime videos.



This is a self, super-intuitive animation tool. If you are looking for the most compelling story-telling video animation tool, then, PowToon is the right choice for you. It packs a variety of prototypes for creating great video animations and is perfect for everyone.



For those who would want to create 2D animations, this tool is perfect for such. It helps to bring hand-sketched animations to life. Interestingly, it is totally free to purchase and also a cross-platform tool commonly used to create the 2D animation drawings.

Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio

This is yet another open-source cross-platform tool for making stunning 2D prints. It is a free software, easily accessible by anyone who wants to create 2D video animations.

What More?

These are few of the many possible tools for creating animations for various purposes. They are the favorite of many anime creators, thanks to their intuitive interfaces. So, have you come across any best, powerful animation tool which is not on this list? Kindly share it with us, peradventure, we may fix it to this list on the next update.

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