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eBook Protection: How Do I Protect My ebook From Being Copied?

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If you are a writer, author, or publisher, you’d understand that eBook protection is important. eBook plagiarism and theft are regarded as the publishing world’s underbelly. Although with constant internet evolutions, many people still lookout for ways to pirate your ebooks, infringe the copyright, duplicate and rebrand your downloadable ebooks to sell as their own.

This can make you ask, “How do I protect my ebook from being copied?” Well, there are several ways to add security on ebooks. However, none of the popular solutions helps prevent the ebook from being digitally copied. Hence, the only proven way is through digital rights management (DRM). With DRM, you can secure your ebooks and prevent illegal distribution. 

eBook Protection: How Can You Acheive It?

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Here’s how DRM can protect your ebook from being copied.

1. DRM Eliminates Copying and Illegal Sharing

Once some people purchase your ebook, they may think they can do what they like with it. However, with DRM protection, you can protect your IPR. This is also a way of preventing loss of income by stopping unauthorized sharing or copying of your eBook.

2. Flexibility

DRM technology lets you set controls on how many devices your ebook can be viewed on. For instance, you could set it to one device for each buyer. In essence, when someones buy the eBook, he/she can only view it on the device where it got downloaded. PDF DRM lets you specify the number of devices your ebook can be used on.

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3. Available Offline

Advanced DRM solutions allow your eBook readers to be able to access the eBook without internet connectivity without compromising on protection. In essence, you can allow the user to view the ebook and still revoke access if a chargeback has been made.

4. Printing Controls

Purchasing an ebook does not give the buyer rights to print copies of the book unless allowed by the eBook author. With eBook security, you can make the printed copies appear with dynamic watermarks that add user information at the time of printing.

Dynamic watermarks are an added layer of ebook protection since they deter most people from distributing printed copies – users generally do not want their names or credentials associated with the unlawful distribution of ebooks.

5. Location Locking

Advanced eBook protection solutions allow you to set your ebook to be viewed only from a specific site, IP address, or region. For instance, you could lock or enforce locations where the ebook can be viewed, such as in a library, school, college, and so on. This exclusive right allows you to manage access to your ebooks in a flexible manner.

What More?

With DRM, you receive an entire suite of essential licensing measures to protect your ebooks from copying and piracy.  DRM enables you to publish and sell your ebooks safely when distributing your ebooks online.

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As a document security technology, digital rights management ensures that your ebooks are protected against theft, misuse, and unauthorized distribution. Thanks to its data encryption, DRM prevents users from accessing your ebooks without the correct access key.

That means only authorized purchasers can access your ebook while at the same time allowing you to disable copying, sharing, and printing features to prevent its misuse.


Digital Rights Management (DRM) proactively eliminates the chance of any individual attempting to copy your ebook, resell or share it with others.  Through ebook protection via PDF DRM software, you can stop piracy, protect your income, and stop your ebooks from being modified. 

Apparently, you want your work to remain original and untampered, PDF DRM helps you achieve that. With PDF DRM, your work can only be used legally and in the proper manner – in its original form for its intended purposes. 

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