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What is the Fastest iPhone Browser?

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While iOS devices come with Safari as the default browser, Safari is not basically the fastest browser you can use on an iPhone. So, what is the fastest iPhone browser? Well, there are a couple of iOS web browsers that ate pretty fast, talking about Opera Touch, Brave, and Chrome. But among these browsers, Opera Touch looks to be the fastest.

What is the Fastest iPhone Browser?

What is the fastest iphone browser Opera Touch iOS

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are pretty fast at surfing the internet, but due to the seemingly bulky interface, they slack a bit in terms of speed and performance. On the other hand, Opera Touch is a lightweight mobile browser with pretty many features, and still functions very fast!

The Opera Touch browser is a tuned version of the Opera Mini browser with some specific features that makes it a preferable option for mobile users. This browser is available for Android and iOS platforms, and the interface is very easy to navigate.

However, for iOS users, the Opera Touch browser is called Opera Browser. Yes, Opera Browser is the same as Opera Touch – just a change in the name – all features of Opera Touch still exist in the browser, including the “Flow” features that lets you share files and link between your phone and PC/MacBook.

Is Opera Touch Faster than Safari?

Yes, the Opera Browser for iOS is inarguably faster than the default Apple Safari browser and it comes with more features too. The browser is highly customizable, as well as integrates security features to protect your data while surfing the internet.

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