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How Can I Earn Money by Doing Assignments Online?

How To Do Assignments and Get Paid

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Being intelligent and not harnessing it to make additional income for yourself is more like limiting your abilities. Whether you’re a college student or a graduate, you can make additional income online by simply answering academic questions and doing assignments for other students. How can I earn money by doing assignments online?

There are online platforms that pay you for answering questions and helping students do their homework. These platforms include websites like School Solver and StudyPool. Apparently, there are other similar sites, but these two are the most reliable options with verified reviews of payments to tutors.

How Can I Earn Money by Doing Assignments Online?

How Can I Earn Money by Doing Assignments Online

The simple thing to do here is to sign up as a tutor on or Either of these websites, you decide to pick, offers almost the same features and charges low service fees. School Solver and StudyPool lets you register as a tutor or educator, get verified, and then start earning from answering questions online. How does it work?

How To Do Assignments and Get Paid?

Step One: Go to or and sign up as a tutor.

Step Two: Verify your account and set it up in a professional manner; indicate the academic fields and categories you’re familiar with, as well as list your qualifications to convince users the more.

Step Three: Go ahead and start answering users’ questions – the more correct answers you provide, the more money you’d make from either of these platforms.

Step Four: You can withdraw your earning using PayPal or direct bank withdrawals (for Indians using typing job).

What More?

How to do assignments and get paid? Online tutoring is one of the simplest side gigs anyone can cling to and make good earnings from it. It is similar to being a freelancer who haunts for jobs on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, 99Designs, and other freelancing platforms.

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