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How to Make Money on Schoolsolver?

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Schoolsolver is a popular website where students go to get their homework and assignments done by experts in various academic fields. The platform is an on-demand website for students and “tutors” – it is a considerable place to pick up a side gig to add to your normal job and earn more income for your lifestyle.

How to make money on Schoolsolver? First things first, you have to register as a tutor on the platform. Only tutors on Schoolsolver can earn from the platform, if you’re there to ask questions, you’d be the one paying (not earning). So, it starts with you signing up as a tutor and not a regular user who is there to get answers to different questions.

How to Make Money on Schoolsolver?

If you haven’t registered for an account, you will need to do that. Head on to what Schoolsolver website and hit the sign-up button, then select “Tutor” in the “Account Type” option. This way, you’d sign up as a tutor and await verification.

Step One: Sign up as a tutor using a valid email address and a password you can easily remember at all times.

Step Two: List your educational qualifications and showcase your expertise in specific academic fields.

Step Three: Start answering questions on Schoolsolver. The more questions you answer, the more earnings you’d make.

Note: A question author can decline your answer if they feel it doesn’t give them the accurate details or information they need. Also, it takes 21 days for Schoolsolver to process your earnings and send them to you – you can expedite this withdrawal time by answering more questions.

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