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Top 10 ways to improve your PC Gaming experience in 2022

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PC gaming is great although a little more complex than Console gaming. There are a lot of tweaks you can perform on your PC to boost your gaming experience but not all of them are safe for your PC; In this article, you will learn the top 10 ways to enhance your PC gaming experience without damaging any part of your computer.

A top-notch gaming laptop requires less or no tweak for the user to experience a superb gaming experience. With these tips outlined in this post here irrespective of your PC configurations, you are sure of an improved gaming experience.

Top 10 ways to improve your PC Gaming experience in 2020

1. Always sanitize you PC, Keep it Dust-Free

Yeah, First things First! Your PC should always be clean and dust-free if you want an improved gaming experience. Dirt and dust are the biggest hindrances for an improved gameplay performance; this debris reduces airflow to your PC leading to your computer becoming heated up and resulting to slow performance of your PC components even the GPU.

If you cannot physically clean up your PC, engage the services of a computer engineer.

2. Upgrade/Update your Graphics Drivers

This is another important factor to consider if you want to boost your PC gaming experience. Your computer’s graphics card is the key factor that determines your gaming experience; installing an advanced graphics card can go a long way to boost your gameplay or you can choose to upgrade the already installed one on your PC; whichever way your PC’s gaming performance will surely have some iota of improvement.

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3. Overclocking might be what your PC needs

This practice is the best for advanced PC operators but a very risky step for amateurs or beginners. Overclocking your PC’s GPU will squeeze out additional performance from it; this exercise requires some tools in order for it to be done properly and the desired result achieved. Both AMD and NVidia GPUs have their own specific overclocking tools. So, you won’t be having much trouble with this process. Please engage the services of an advanced computer engineer if you cannot handle this by yourself.

4. Use PC Optimizers

The use of optimization softwares can also help enhance your PC gameplay experience. PC optimizers go deep into the root folders and directories on your PC to fix bugs and clear the unused registry files which may hinder your computer’s performance rate.

There are lots of optimizers available for both Windows and Mac users in paid and free versions.

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5. Optimize your Graphics settings

Sometimes, your screen resolution also hinders you from enjoying gameplay on your PC. Locate the graphics setting menu on your computer and tweak it a little. Search online for the best screen resolution for your PC type/model if you are unsure about that.

6. Kick-off HDD, Welcome SSD

10 ways to improve your PC Gaming experience in 2018

Gone are days of HDD, as a PC gamer what you need is a Solid State Drive (SSD). SSDs functions much faster than HDDs and this can possibly boost the gaming performance of your PC. An SSD is likely to improve your game’s frame rate and decrease game loading times.

I’ll suggest you go for an SSD with a capacity not less than 250GB because most recent games occupy up to 20 Gigabytes space. With a 250GB SSD present on your PC, your gaming experience in 2018 will take a new turn.

7. Deactivate Superfetch and Prefetch

When these two features are disabled on a Windows PC, the performance rate doesn’t remain the same; a change (boost) is usually noticed. These features are built to improve the startup process and time of Windows PC’s but for we gamers “we ain’t needing this”.

To disable these features go to – Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > scroll down and locate – SuperFetch then double-click to deactivate.

8. Perform some tweaks on your gaming Control Center

A very good way to boost and enhance the visual display quality of your games is by tweaking the AMD/ATI Control Center; Just right-click the mouse on your desktop, hit the “Radeon settings” option and proceed to“Gaming Settings” where you will be able to set individual display settings for the games you have installed on your PC. Engage the services of a PRO to avoid damaging your some of your PC components.

9. Opt-in for a faster and long range Wi-Fi Router for Online Gamers

While all these practices listed in this article are applicable to all PC gamers whether Online or Offline, this particular option is strictly for online PC gamers and VR operators. The speed rate and network coverage of your internet service provider determine how you would enjoy online gaming on your PC. opt-in for an advanced wi-fi router with long range support and your gaming experience will never be as the same as it were. There are lots of them on Amazon and other stores both offline and online.

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10. Activate the Game Mode feature in Windows 10

Finally, this will be the last tip on this list but more are yet to come not so long from now, don’t worry. Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS comes with an inbuilt Xbox app which packs other features with it, features such as – on-screen recording, Game mode, and streaming. The Game Mode feature is the main thing here, others can go to bed.

Press and hold down the Windows key together with the G key (Win + G) on your keyboard to unveil the Xbox panel; this has to be when the game has been launched, click on “Settings” and in the “General” tab click the checkbox to activate this feature.

What More:

These are the top 10 ways to enhance your PC gaming experience in 2018, there are probably other methods to achieve this but these ones are safer to carry out.

Originally posted on January 22, 2020 @ 6:57 pm

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  1. I really need the feel of a long range router. I am an online gamer. The ping get higher every time r go to the bed. This is such a drag. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll get one this month.

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