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Top 10 Best File Copy Software 2023 [Free and Paid] [Updated]

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File copy, file transfer, and other similar actions are what we typically do every day. If you’re looking for the best file copy software 2023, here are a couple of great apps you can try out. Whether you are trying to copy or move files in-between folders on a PC or transferring files from one PC to another, these file copy utility programs can be of great help.

However, all Windows PC users know that it is possible to copy or move files from one folder/directory to another using some keystroke combinations; copy (CTRL+C), cut (CTRL+X), and paste (CTRL+V). Also, one can simply drag and drop the file/folder to the new directory. Or, right-click on the file/folder, select “copy,” go to the new directory, right-click again and select “paste.” The truth is that there are many ways to copy files on Windows.

Notwithstanding, file copy on Windows can take a whole lot of time when you attempt any of the default methods discussed above.

This is especially when the file or folder has a large size. Sometimes you may want to move a folder on your of about 1.5GB in size to another storage drive (either a USB flash drive, disc, or any other storage drive); in such a case, if you try using CTRL+C and CTRL+V, it may take up to hours before the folder will be successfully copied to the new destination. To bypass the several flaws associated with copying large files/folders in-between Windows computer systems or storage drives, file copy software apps are designed by different developers.

Best free/paid file copy software apps to use in 2023

With any of these best file copy software, it becomes much easier to move your files. Grab some popcorn and read on! *winks*

1. File Fisher (best fast file copy for Windows 10)

File Fisher

This is a portable application for copying any size of file or folder from one storage drive to another, or, from one location/directory to another. File Fisher is lightweight and completely compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

The program is considerably faster than most other file copy utility for Windows. As a portable app, you don’t have to install File Fisher on your PC; simply drop the executable file on your desktop or any other directory, then click on it to run this app. Plus, you can save this app on your removable drives such as pen drives or USB flash drives, so you can run it on any PC without prior installation.

File Fisher has an intuitive interface that every PC user would definitely understand. Also, it comes with a bunch of flexible settings and parameters; you can use File Fisher to copy any file on your PC as it supports tons of file formats. It is an app for both novice and advanced PC users; thanks to the intuitive GUI.

2. UltraCopier (best file copy software 2020)


Most PC users are already using this file copy utility for Windows; indeed, it is a great file copy software for Windows, which supports a variety of file formats, as well as comes with an understandable user interface.

UltraCopier can be freely used by anybody, their knowledge of PC operation notwithstanding. Also, this Windows file copy utility is available for macOS, and Linux; it is the replacement for the infamous SuperCopier used by most PC users. UltrCopier is an open-source application functioning under the GPL3 license.

The highly-customizable features of this utility program make a great choice for many PC users. It is compatible with practically all versions of Windows OS, and it is available for free.

3. TeraCopy (super-fast file copy software 2022)


This is an amazing program to use in copying files on Windows. The program is so much flexible and works extremely fast. There is a free and paid version of TeraCopy; however, you could still get to do much with the free version.

TeraCopy is a popular file copy software among PC users; it has the ability to skip any problematic file and continue with the transfer process, instead of halting the whole process just for a few files. With this utility program, it is even easier to transfer files over a network speedily. TeraCopy has a comprehensive, yet understandable interface; plus, it supports drag and drop functions.

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4. GS RichCopy 360 (best Windows 10 copier software)

GS RichCopy 360

GS RichCopy is one of the best of its kind you can get at the moment. It is very fast in copying multiple files from one directory to another on Windows PC.

However, actually, this is a backup software for MS Windows OS, which also helps to carry out file copy or file synchronization across Windows OS computers, servers, as well as networks. This app is developed by GuruSquad, and it comes with a wizard interface where you can see all copy tasks. There are different versions of this program, and it is a great file copy utility to get now.

5. FastCopy (best free file copy software 2020)


The interface may not be the best you can wish for, but this Windows file copy utility is one of the best of its kind. FastCopy is a free PC program that helps you to quickly move your files around (from one drive or network to the other).

This program supports UNICODE and over MAX_PATH file pathnames. Also, it makes use of multi-threads to read, write, verify, overlapped I/O, direct I/O, to trigger the best speed of devices. Not everyone can be able to use this app because of its interface; however, for advanced PC users, this is a great Windows file copy software 2019.

6. ExtremeCopy (fastest file copy software)


ExtremeCopy is still efficient to use in 2019. This file copy app is quite popular among PC users for its speed and user-friendly interface. There are quite a lot of handy featured available on this app, but, it does not support network file copy.

Well, this list is not arranged in any hierarchy; ExtremeCopy is actually faster than UltraCopier. Everyone can make use of ExtremeCopy because the interface is really friendly and quite intuitive. This program integrates with Windows Explorer, which makes it very much easier to use. However, this is not a file sync software – it’s primarily a Windows file transfer software.

7. Unstoppable Copier (fast Windows copier software)

Unstoppable Copier

This copy software is still valid to use at this moment. It has been around for a long time and functions with great speed. Unstoppable Copier is more of a recovery solution that copies all your files from a directory and tries to repair the corrupted ones. It works on any Windows OS excluding Windows 10. While this is not the most intuitive Windows copy software you can get, it is one of the fastest, and it is efficient.

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8. PerigeeCopy 1.5 or 1.6 (best free file copy software 2018)


When you have so many files you want to copy at once from one location to another, using the default Windows copy function will work slowly. But, with PerigeeCopy 1.6, you will copy multiple files within the shortest time possible. This file copy software is intuitive use, and it comes with so many options to its effectiveness. However, this file copy utility is not compatible with newer Windows OS versions (8 and 10).

9. Copy Handler (file copy manager)

Copy Handler

Copy Handler is an intuitive utility program with a bunch of flexible parameters to help you copy so many files at a go. For Windows PC users, this app is a perfect solution for your bulk copying needs.

The program is available for free, fast in operation, supports pause, resume, restart and cancel functionalities, as well as supports multiple languages. With Copy Handler, you can easily move your files between computers or drives quickly. Also, the program supports drag & drop functions, plus, it integrates with Windows Explorer and adds itself to context menus faster copy or move processes.

Interestingly, Copy Handler will automatically resume all unfinished copying/moving tasks after a system restart. The app is very flexible and effective for the need.

10. RoboCopy


Unlike the ones above, this is not actually a software app you can download and install on your PC. RoboCopy is the short way to write “Robust File Copy,” it is a command-line utility for copying files from one directory to another in Windows OS.

This file copy utility functionally replaces Xcopy with more options to offer. To run this utility, the command is robocopy. It is available on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 as a standard feature. RoboCopy cannot be used by every PC user because it does not feature an interactive GUI.

RoboCopy supports the following;

  • Resumes copy even after network interruptions
  • Skips NTFS junction points that may cause failure
  • Copies file data and attribute perfectly, as well as preserve NTFS ACLs, original timestamps, owner information, and audit info utilizing /COPYALL or /COPY: CMD shifts.
  • Copies paths with over 259 characters; up to 32,000 characters theoretical limit without flaws
  • Works in Windows 7
  • A perfect alternative to Xcopy

What More?

These are the best software for copying files on Windows. I have tried to make this post quite comprehensive for the need. However, you can comment any question as regards the best free file copy software 2022 apps, and I’ll get to you in a jiffy.

These programs, including the RoboCopy file copy utility, are efficient and still working perfectly up to this date. There may be other software for copying files, but these are the best, and I attest to that. What do you think?

Your Turn

You can yet add to this list; if I missed your favorite file copy software, you can point it out via comments below. Also, if you’ve used any of these ones, your opinions will help other people in search of this! Have a great day

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Best free file copy software 2022

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